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Heide- When I began experiencing a slight pain and discoloration in the big toe nail on my right foot, I really wasn't too concerned, and thought it would go away of it's own accord. It proceeded to get much worse, until it reached the point of being a constant annoyance, as well as becoming unsightly looking. I have always been suspect of internet "cures", and when I researched the prescription drug options, I was really discouraged. Not only were they expensive, the potential side effects were alarming. I heard about Zetaclear from my sister, and decided I had nothing to lose by trying, and I was impressed that the ingredients were all natural herbs. I have to say, I was probably more amazed than anyone when the new growth of my nail started coming in a healthy pink, instead of the unsightly yellowish brown color I was becoming used to. I am a convert to this supplement, and now have everyone in my family using Zetaclear

Donald- I do believe my wife is on to something with this toenail fungus cure called Funginix. I had toenail fungus for years and using Funginix has completely cleared up my toes.  I never tried the drugs to cure it, I've heard so much negative about them, that they can cause liver damage, etc. You can't believe something so natural and organic works so well.  Why doesn't the whole country know about it?
Hopefully they will !

Brent- I can't believe how it's clearing up my nail fungus on my toenails.  They are growing out healthy.  Even after going to Europe for six weeks without applying Funginix, nails are still growing in fine.  But I'm not taking any chances.  I'm back to applying the product daily.

Bill- Sept. 22, 2008
I haven't started yet but will in 3 days when the product arrives. I will keep you posted on the progress. I would love to get rid of these ugly toes.

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