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How Can I Get And Maintain Healthy Nails To Prevent Nail Fungus? Part1



Curing nail fungus  can be very frustrating. Patience and diligence are key factors in overcoming such an obstinate condition. With the fungus being trapped underneath a toe nail or finger nail, it is very difficult to reach the  fungus in order to kill it. Strong, healthy nails are the most effective deterrent to contracting nail fungus. After you have struggled for perhaps a year or more with a  nail fungus cure, why not keep your toe nails healthy in order to prevent a recurrence?

There are dietary recommendations and preventative measures that will insure that you keep your nails healthy and help prevent nail fungus. In this article we will consider dietary recommendations.

For healthy nails, and as an aid to a nail fungus cure, be sure to get plenty of quality protein, and take a protein supplement. Eat grains, legumes, oatmeal, nuts and seeds. Eggs are also a good source of protein, as long as your blood cholesterol levels are not too high.

Eat a diet composed of 50 percent fresh fruits and raw vegetables to supply necessary vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Eat foods that are rich in sulfur and silicon, such as broccoli, fish, onions, and sea vegetables. Also include in the diet plenty of foods that are high in biotin, such as brewer's yeast, soy flour, and whole grains.

Drink plenty of quality water and other liquids. Cuts and cracks in the nails, which are potential openings for the fungus, may indicate a need for more liquids.

Drink fresh carrot juice daily. This is high in calcium and phosphorous and is very good for strengthening the nails.

In Part 2 we will discuss preventative measures for keeping your nails strong and healthy.

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