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Are Abnormal Nails Always A Symptom Of Nail Fungus?




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Nail fungus is actually the cause of distressed looking nails only 50-60% of the time. Most people think that because they have an abnormal looking toenail they automatically are the victims of a toenail fungus. The following conditions can be caused by nail fungus, but often times they are the result of other trauma.

Ridges: These are quite common and can appear in nails either vertically or horizontally. Vertical ridges indicate poor general health, poor nutrient absorption, and/or iron deficiency. They may also indicate a kidney disorder. Horizontal ridges can occur as a result of severe stress, either psychological or physical, such as from infection and/or disease.

Thick Nails: This may indicate that the vascular system is weakening and the blood is not circulating properly. They may also be a sign of thyroid disease.

Pitted Nails: This can be an indication of psoriasis or other skin problems that affect the nail matrix, the area under the skin just behind the nail. Nails affected by psoriasis can also be tan in color.

Red or Black Nails: This can be an indication of a hematoma, or blood under the nail, usually from a trauma, such as whacking your fingernail with a hammer. If you have a black spot under the toenail or fingernail that was not caused by trauma, this could be an indication of melanoma (skin cancer).

Green Nails: This is generally the result of a nail fungus, but may also indicate an internal bacterial infection that causes the nail to separate from the nail bed, thereby producing a green pigment.

Whitish or Yellowish Nails: This can also be the result of the nail separating from the nail bed. As in the case of green nails, this separation is more commonly related to nail fungus, but can also signify a thyroid disorder. The whitish appearance is caused by air trapped under the nail where it has separated from the nail bed.

Senile Nails: As you age, the toenails become brittle, developing ridges and separation of the nail layers at the end of the nail. This is most often the result of a protein deficiency.

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