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I stumbled onto a real toenail fungus treatment that actually works!

How I found a nail fungus treatment:
My friend had told me about this supplement called Fungisil and how it cleared up her toenail fungus. Of course I was skeptical, but being a friend I bought a bottle for my husband who had nasty looking toenails.
I figured it can't hurt after everything I have read about inflammation, free radicals and anti-oxidants.

After using Fungisil for a while, we started to notice that his terrible-gross-gross toenails were starting to grow in pink and normal, not green, yellow, thick and grotesque like they had been. 

It took a complete growing cycle to completely clear up, but the toenail fungus is completely gone!
But would it work for others? 

I had to put it to the test.

My sister had just one afflicted toe, her big toe had a fungus infection. I asked her to use Fungisil for me as a test and see if her toenail fungus would grow out. I asked her to take a before picture and she started using it in June of 2006.  I went to visit her in September and asked about her toe and sure enough it was starting to grow out normal.  Her husband also had toenail fungus, on all his toes, which I didn't know about and he started using the supplement also, and his toes were growing out normal too! 

I grabbed my camera and took pictures (in Sept). Of course she never took before pictures, and I don't have total before pictures of my husband's toes either. I didn't know when he started using Fungisil that it would actually clear up his fungus.

My husband's toes are completely clear of any fungus and I do have the after picture of his healthy toes, not beautiful still, but completely clear of any toe nail fungus. There is also a picture as his toenails were growing out.
Donald's feet pictures

I do have the during photos for my sister and her husband and she promised to send me the pictures when the fungus is completely grown out. 
My sister, Heide and Brent's feet pictures

This has left me very excited to find something that actually will rid toes of that terrible ugly fungus.

I see so many people with bad fungus toenails and I know there are plenty more people that don't feel comfortable taking there shoes and socks off for people to see their feet. My husband could never wear sandals before.

10% of the American population suffers from a nail fungus.  That's around 30 million people, and most go untreated.  Doctors see approximately 3 million people a year for treatment. While most treatments fail.

This remedy will work for you. I know it, I've seen it! Three out of three is good enough for me!

Please send a before picture when you start using Fungisil. The worse the condition, the better!
The reason it works it that it contains undecylenic acid, an organic unsaturated fatty acid derived from natural castor oil that is known to kill fungi.

I am just starting to promote this nail fungus remedy and would like people that order to please take before and after pictures. 

It will take time for this to work, the nail has to grow completely out. So patience is important. 
It's exciting to help people with finding a treatment for something that has been next-to-impossible to treat.

I totally believe in this product as a fungus treatment and I'm sure you will be pleased that you tried it! You will be amazed.


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